Learning My Daughter Was Pregnant

I kept thinking what am I going to say to parents, friends, family? What will other people say? How can my daughter handle this situation? Is she mature enough to handle this situation? What are we going to do? I talked with my daughter about what she could choose. I knew that she had options. I didn’t use the word abortion, but I did tell her there were options referring to the fact that abortion may be an option. Adoption was an option and keeping the baby was an option. I really didn’t think she was ready or Supporting mature 40. enough for that choice at the time. At that time I was thinking adoption was her best choice.

I was also wondering what my friends were going to say and what society and of the people in our community were going to say. E-commerce I think it is hurtful for the families going through cheap jerseys this. They don’t feel supported, and there is some embarrassment that goes along with it. There is a lot of confusion about how people feel and what they are thinking. There are all kinds of emotions that go along with this too. Fear, sadness, and embarrassment are all emotions that have to be dealt with.

The advice I would give parents is to give their children the support that they need and try not to worry about what others will say or think. Help your children walk through it and make the right decision. Listen to them; listen to their thoughts; and listen to their feelings. Work through it step by step. You do not have to think about how it will all turn out. Many times it turns out differently than we think it will. My daughter and the baby’s father have matured and their decision to parent has cheap nfl jerseys worked out beautifully even though we, their families, wouldn’t have expected it. It has turned out to be a wonderful experience, and we cannot imagine our world with out this little girl in it. The whole experience of bringing a child into the world, the experience of being a grandparent, the experience of seeing life given to a child instead of taking a life is wonderful. To have that joy from knowing that you did make the right choice is a wonderful thing.

If I could do things differently, I would give my daughter the support she needed from the beginning. I didn’t give her that support. I would encourage other mothers to support their children as they make their decision. I would listen to my daughter more and Predictions try not to push what I would do; cheap jerseys not try to push wholesale mlb jerseys adoption. I would not suggest abortion as an option. It knew abortion wasn’t a good option, but when you find yourself confused it enters your mind as a possibility. I knew abortion was wrong from the beginning, but my immediate reaction was what are we going to do and what are people going to say? Instead of thinking of those things, give your daughter the support she needs and talk through the different options. Will adoption or keeping the baby be best? Talk to your daughter, listen to what she has to say, listen and give her support.


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